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About Us

We are a team of experienced professionals primarily based in Pune and Mumbai.

We have professionals such as Chartered Account, MBA, Engineer, Entrepreneur and Data Scientist in our team. Each one of us has 20+ years of industry/academic experience and we share a common passion of helping students succeed.

Not just seniors, but we also have youngsters, students in the team who are otherwise busy in pursuing their educational courses such as Medicine, Pure Science or even Ph. D. They too have joined hands with us. (No, they don’t bunk their classes, they work with us on weekends!)

So it has become our collective passion now to help the student community succeed.

www.mcqpariksha.com is a platform that offers online MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) based practice tests to the students pursuing various educational courses. To start with, we plan to offer a few courses and we hope to add more courses as we grow.

Most of the entrance exams or even the regular academic exams are based on MCQ pattern. For a student to succeed, he or she must solve large number of MCQs and attempt practice tests multiple times. This is a well-known mantra for success. Our platform helps a student chant this mantra again and again!