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Online practice tests for various educational courses

Most of the entrance exams, professional exams or even the regular academic exams are based on MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) pattern. For a student to succeed, he or she must solve large number of MCQs and attempt practice tests multiple times. This is a well-known mantra for success. Our platform (MCQ pariksha.com) helps a student chant this mantra again and again !

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Salient Features of the mock test

  • Chapter-wise, sub-subject-wise and full portion tests.
  • One can take multiple tests only for a specific chapter.
  • MCQs designed by experienced faculty.
  • Negative marking pattern set as per the target exam.
  • Detailed result showing answer of each question can be downloaded in PDF format.
  • Performance trend of a student across multiple tests is available.
  • Analysis of rightly / wrongly guessed answers, particularly helpful in exams with negative marking.
  • Exam like user interface to take time-bound MCQ tests.

Following tests are available

CA Foundation Practice Exam

Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Statistics


IBBI Valuation Exam - P&M

Asset Class - Plant and Machinery


IBBI Valuation Exam - SFA

Asset Class - Securities or Financial Assets


Physics CET Practice Exam

Topic Test, Practice Test, Revision Test